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          公司的经营理念:“同样的产品比质量、同样的质量比价格、同样的价格比服务、 同样的服务比信誉”。

          企业精神:“团结拼搏、艰苦奋斗、敬业奉献、务实求新” 。

          用户至上、质量上乘、以质量求生存,以品质谋发展,致力品牌形象为合作的基石 ,与客户团结协作,集思广益,务实   是我们一直坚持的原则。以良好的服务善待每一个客户,以   度满足客户在纸筒包装方面技术要求,在双赢基础上,共同发展,共创辉煌,我们时刻准备着,让共赢、共融、共享、共盛与客户共腾飞是我们矢志不渝的目标。我们期待与您的真诚合作,欢迎广大新老客户前来指导、洽谈业务。

        Botou Tianli Packing Products Co., Ltd. is located in the shore of the Bohai Sea Botou City Temple Town, development zone, the north according to the capital Beijing and the traditional industrial and commercial city of Tianjin, near across the north and south of the Beijing Shanghai railway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway and 104, 106 National Highway, transportation is very convenient.

        I plant specializing in the production of cardboard, cloth bags and other packaging equipment and other products, our factory always adhere to the "quality first, reputation first" principle, to product quality as the cornerstone to win the trust of our customers. The quality of products by customers, widely used in food, medicine, wine, seeds, chemicals, machinery parts and other tubular packaging containers, products from the sense of both beautiful and elegant, chic and elegant.

        The company's operating philosophy: "the same product than quality, the same quality than price, the same price than service, the same service than prestige".

        Enterprise spirit: "solidarity, hard work, dedication, pragmatic and innovative".

        Customer first, the credibility of the first, to the quality of survival, with quality and seek development, is committed to brand image, even Zhen and perfect as the cornerstone of cooperation, solidarity and cooperation with customers, brainstorming, pragmatic and efficient is we have always adhered to the principle of. With good service to treat every customer, in order to maximize meet customer demand in the carton packaging technology, on the basis of win-win and common development, create brilliant, we always ready, let win-win, communion, sharing, is filled with a total customer growth is our unwavering goal. We look forward to sincere cooperation with you, welcome new and old customers to come and negotiate business.

        电话:0317-8069088 | 传真:0317-8069608 | 手机:13333278916(李经理) 13833718869 | 联系人:顾经理 | 邮箱:Bttianli001@126.com
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